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Consent and Talent Release Form
Our Community Lives

I/We hereby consent to the use of my/our name(s), audios, videos, photographs and/or filmed by the above named organisation and it's member organisations, partners, affiliate, collaborators and third parties on the following terms and conditions.


  1. The Producer will own any and all rights in the photography, recording or filming.

  2. I hereby consent to for the Producer and/or its representatives, agents and related entities to Use any photographs, films, videos, digital recordings or audio recordings of my/our appearance(s) for promotional, commercial, marketing or any other purposes whatsoever, whether or not accompanied by any narration or dialogue, by any present or future media or means known or unknown.

  3. I waive all personal rights and objections to, including the right to inspect, any Use of my Appearance by the Producer in connection with the Project.

  4. I understand that the Producer has relied upon my consent in allowing my participation in the Project.

  5. I understand that I will not receive any compensation or payment or any form of remuneration now or in the future in consideration for the above consent.

  6. I understand that the images, recording or footage may be used for broadcast on Television Station, Social Media Site website and other online services maintained by Evang. Amb. Adeniyi Ekine or by Our Community Lives - TV Show in Collaboration with Amazement Networks International and See Africa Magazine for the purpose of Showing on C31 (Channel 44 Digital) TV Station, Melbourne, Victoria State, Australia and other unnamed websites, social media platforms and TV Channels. 



(a) Appearance means my name, image, physical likeness, voice, any and all attributes of my personality and/or performance;

(b) Producer means the producer named and addressed above;

(c) Project means the production which is titled above;

(d) Use means lawful use and includes the exclusive and perpetual right of the Producer in any jurisdiction worldwide to:-

(i) use, copy, adapt and/or exploit;

(ii) mix, edit, duplicate, or re-use, or create derivative works;

(iii) assign, license or sub-license; and

(iv) publicise and/or market;

(v) exhibit and/or perform and/or distribute by any present or future media, for profit or otherwise, and for commercial or non-commercial use.

NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, this is not the right form to complete. Please request for the right form and your parent(s) or legal guardian/custodian must be the one(s) to give consent by completing by completing the Talent Release.

Thanks for submitting!

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